The Oracy to Writing Process

‘The Oracy To Writing Process has made a significant impact in writing throughout the school. It is inspiring to see children enriched as speakers, and eager and enthusiastic as writers. Their books are full of creative and wonderful writing showing incredible development and progression.’ Clare Ward. Lit Co Skinner St School. Medway.

‘This is a fantastic programme that should be rolled out nationally. All the children were totally absorbed in the work from the highest achievers to students on their first English words. It’s great to have a programme that truly involves all the children.’ (Andrea – Primary School Teacher)

“Amazing results across the school! Fantastic Process! My school is now vibrant with storytelling and writing. Every school should adopt the Oracy to Writing Process.” (Nick Blackburn. Headtecher Heathfield Primary School)

“Wealth of ideas for expanding children’s writing helping to move them away from ‘bog standard’ methods previously used – I feel more excited about writing and the power of story.”   (London Primary School Teacher)

‘Their motivation to write creatively was powerful and linked home and school in a new way for our school.’ (Karen Deville– Deputy Head Teacher– Parsloes Primary School)

‘I thoroughly enjoyed this new approach to storytelling and writing. After teaching for 7 years using the usual approach, I welcomed this new way. Oracy to Writing offers a wonderful way to explore ideas and develop the art of storytelling in a very special atmosphere developed through rituals and the use of space.’  (North Hackney  primary school teacher)

‘It has been beautiful to see kids become so switched on with regard to literacy. They have become more creative and flexible in their approach to literacy sessions. No longer seeing it as a rigid unchanging process.’  (South Hackney  primary school teacher)

’The children don’t want to stop writing, they are enjoying it so much. It’s great’. Acting Head. Cotherstone Primary school. Durham

Impact On  The Children

‘Mert is an EAL child who had limited story language. He has really benefited from the speaking and listening aspect of the project and been able to transfer lots of skills directly to his written work.’  (Liza- Primary School Teacher: At the end of the two weeks process Mert’s literacy levels had risen from 1a to 2b.)

‘Matthew has dyslexic traits as well as sight difficulties. He loved the whole process and was much more willing to try and write a longer piece of writing’ (Parkwood  primary school teacher:  At the end of the two weeks process Matthew’s literacy levels had risen from 1a to 2c)

Thomas was predisposed to talking very quickly, stammering, repeating words and was generally over excited. When directed to speak as a storyteller these traits virtually disappeared and were replaced by fluency and coherence.’ (James Primary School teacher: At the end of the two weeks Process Thomas’s literacy levels had risen from 2b to 3c.)