What we Offer

Our website has a library of 90 beautifully told video stories for children and adults to enjoy.

We also offer fun and enjoyable way for you to use the power of stories to improve children’s literacy and language skills, both in school and in the home.

Home Users

Annual Home Subscription only £19.

The stories featured on the site are fun and entertaining and can be enjoyed by both  children and adults alike. The accompanying easy-to-follow storytelling ideas and exercises help to raise children’s literacy and oracy skills. It also increases their confidence  and self esteem and helps to create a great storytelling environment in the home.

School/Institution Users

Phil McDermott’s Oracy to Writing Process for Schools, uses his video stories together with the Oracy to Writing lesson plans and exercises to help stimulate children’s imaginations, and to encourage in them, a hunger and eagerness for writing, reading and telling stories. The Process has already been highly successful in helping to raise the writing levels, confidence and self esteem of thousands of children in the UK. His new Process for the home will help to develop and strengthen the link between home and school.

Phil has over 18 years experience of working in schools teaching drama, telling stories and training staff. He has a great deal of experience on the effective use of Oracy as a teaching tool. His work with children includes personal development through Oracy,  writing and drama.  Critical thinking, creative problem solving and independent learning are also key features in his approach.

The Process benefits children at all levels of ability, from the reluctant writer to the high achiever. It is particularly effective in helping to increase boys’ writing standards, and is very successful in helping to raise the confidence and literacy levels of EAL and SEN children.

Use the navigation to the left to find out more about the different ways you can implement the Oracy to Writing Process in your school. Also find out more about our new Home subscriptions and our new subscription Top-Up service for UK State funded schools.

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